About U.A.


About Ultimate Abbey

Abbey chooses to remain anonymous. Ultimate Abbey is a well educated, mom and wife, professional in the psychology world, runner, exercise enthusiast, and more than qualified to give advice. If she can’t she won’t. If something is out of Abbey’s comfort zone or expertise Abbey will refer you to a better source.

Abbey’s Story

As I turn the corner in the grocery store a woman is talking to herself (not the crazy talk) the talk of stress and frustration we all feel. Some of us on a daily basis. I stop suddenly, as I almost ran her over with my cart. When are we NOT in a hurry?! Of course a total stranger would catch me as I have 20 minutes to get back to work. Still in isle 3 of 12 I knew I was not making it back to work on time. The conversation just flowed, as it usually does. Opening her heart to me about the evening she is about to have. Divorced, inviting a male friend over for dinner and does not know where to start. After talking her through the meal she is going to make AND ROCK, she left smiling. I realized it is my GIFT! Hence, Ultimate Abbey . I want more women to feel good about their life and whatever you are going through.


No topic is off limits! We will touch base on marriage, kids, dating, sex, etc. Women are going to keep this blog going not Abbey.
Why? We need each other, we need to share our stories and we need to learn from each other. Women need to empower each other and not drag each other down, So let’s create a safe, productive, and fun blog to learn from each other.