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Why ask Ultimate Abbey?

This page is here for you to seek advice from a professional. All you have to do is email your question to advice@UltimateAbbey.com

You will receive advice to your current dilemma, problem, etc.

You remain confidential. This page is what WE make it!

I want this page to be for those who need advice. An outside opinion to your problem you are currently facing.

This is a safe place to seek important information on what matters to us, as women. Instead of paying for advice or feeling embarrassed., ask Abbey!

When you do not have that friend to turn to… Ask Ultimate Abbey. This is FREE professional advise on any topic.

Having life experience, struggles, and given my education in the psychology field many women around me have reached out to me for advice on an array of topics. I want to utilize my gift of giving advice to MORE women than just those in my own community.


Moms – working & stay at home

Whether you work or not, the struggle is real! This page is for moms who have it ALL going on. Trying to create a healthy balance and healthy lifestyle? Read what other moms have questions about.



A healthy balance means enjoying your spouse and continuing to be intimate throughout raising a family.

Find out more what other married women want to know and discuss.Learn More


Healthy Eats/Self care

Find healthy, quick recipes, with pictures. Self-care advice. Review of products worth spending money on.and much more to complete your healthy lifestyle!Learn More


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